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Thailand, a country where 90% of the population follows Buddhism, is heavily influenced by India, China and Cambodia. Although Buddhism is the majority religion here, there are a number of people who follow other religions. Before the advent of Buddhism in Thailand, Indian Brahmanism religion persisted and yet has an influence over the population. A trip to the heritage sites in your Thailand package is highly desirable.
One of the distinctive Thai traditions is the Wai, meaning expressing greeting, farewell, or acknowledgement. Thai people hold family values at high esteem and the bonding between the family members is strong. There are many packages Thailand, which can help you experience the hospitality of a Thai person. It is it is recommended that you incorporate a typical Thai hotel into your Thailand package to understand their traditions, rather than an international glitzy chain hotel.
Thailand’s culture has highly impacted its cuisine, which is known for its combination of four basic tastes - sweet, spicy hot, sour and salty. Thai’s prefer to have a single dish along with rice serving. They prefer to have sauce along with the dishes. Herbs also are sometimes included. Chopsticks are used only while eating noodles. The cuisine of Thailand is so relishing that you need to try out all the cuisine, which packages Thailand, as a food destination can offer you.
 Thailand has many festivals throughout the year. The Ghost Festival, locally known as Boon Pra Wate, is a procession where participants wear monster and ghost like masks which are made from coconut tree trunks. Lots of music and dancing is characteristic of the festive procession. You can plan package Thailand around the ghost festival time for a unique experience. 
The Buffalo Racing festival is a one of a kind festival which has to make it into your Thailand package because it’s such an adrenaline filled festival. In this festival, bulls are made to run on a straight stretch which a human jockey controls. It is a very thrilling spectacle. The Ploughing Ceremony cannot be left behind because it holds a lot of historic importance. The Ploughing Ceremony is hosted at Sanam Luang in Bangkok during May. It marks the beginning of the planting season. There are various packages Thailand that can be tailored so as to witness the rich culture of the land. 
Festivals in Thailand are not carried out only for enjoyment, but because they hold a lot of significance to the people and most of the festivals are being held from ancient times. The advantage of visiting Thailand during festivals season is that you can experience all the culture and traditions at once. The atmosphere during festivals season is so vibrant and mesmerizing that it’s an experience worth a million dollars. Whenever you plan to visit Thailand, plan your package Thailand around the festive season because this is when you can experience a Thai’s life. Who would not like to witness a country with such diverse cultural significance? It’s a treat to remember and so, do select an ideal package Thailand.
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A visit to the Sukhothai Historical Park should be included in your package Thailand. You can ask your tour guide to include all the historic places in your Thailand package. For someone’s who loves different cultures, there are various packages Thailand has on offer.

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This article was published on 2011/12/22