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Are you planning to have vacation trips to Thailand with your friends or family? The Land of Smiles is an excellent place to spend a grand vacation. The country hosts some of the most charming destination spots in the world.

Your trips to Thailand however would be more enjoyable and hassle free if you know the most important travel facts about the country. You will be entering a country with ancient heritage and rich culture. So it is just practical to know tidbits of facts about the Thais, its culture, and what is expected of you during your visit.

Facts to Know Before You Fly to Thailand

First of all, there is no need to get a visa if your trips to Thailand will only last for less than 30 days. However, you need to show travel proof that you will exit the country after the 30-day allowable period. For longer vacations, you must acquire a travel visa to Thailand before you leave home.

It is easy to find suitable accommodations for those planning short trips to Thailand. There are so many hotels, resorts, cottages, and apartments in the country especially in popular destination areas and provinces. Cheap accommodations are aplenty but there are also 5-star hotels with luxurious amenities.

Typical Do’s and Don’ts When in Thailand

The Thais are very friendly and accommodating. People who make regular trips to Thailand can attest to this fact. However, the Thai people have their own unique customs and traditions. So you need to respect those traditions to avoid antagonizing your hosts.

For one thing, Thai culture is pretty conservative. Public display of affection is largely frowned upon. While kissing in public may be acceptable in some Western countries, such affectionate display may offend some people in Thailand.

You have to understand that topless sunbathing is largely a no-no in Thailand. You can also avoid inconveniences during your trips to Thailand if you know the traditional norms of the country. For example, avoid touching the head of anyone because this is considered rude.

On the other hand, Thais have the habit shouting “Hey You’ to foreigners to catch their attention. Thais are not aware that they are being impolite. Do not be offended though because ‘You’ in Thai means ‘Khun’, which is a polite form of addressing other people in the Thai language.

Know the Religious Facts before Your Trips to Thailand

Foreigners are allowed to visit almost all Thai places of worship. You can wear shoes while visiting a Buddhist temple. However, you need to remove your shoes if you will go to the altar where the image of the Buddha is located.

You need to dress properly when visiting a Buddhist temple. Wearing shorts, ultra mini skirt, and sleeveless blouse is typically frowned upon and not allowed inside the scared temples. Trips to Thailand will not be complete also if you will not interact with the Buddhist monks. If you are a woman, never touch a monk because this is considered taboo.

Knowing some basic travel facts is important if you are planning vacation trips to Thailand. You can avoid antagonizing the Thais if you study and understand their culture, traditions, and norms.

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Amazing Thailand Travel Facts

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This article was published on 2011/03/26