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Today, however, Thailand is tame, a destination where it is safe to take you granny – should ever such an unlikely occasion arise.


Old Siam, alluring land of jungles, gems, beaches and bargain shopping, is as tempting and tantalising as ever. The difference is that it has grown up, conforming to the whims and wants of a wide audience.


But don't think Thailand has lost any of its amazing sparkle or intrigue. It hasn't. Rather it has adapted, as always it has been capable of doing, to shifting visitor needs and demands.


The mix of adapting to international demands while retaining an aura of the unknown makes Thailand ideal for incentives begging something different. Bangkok may look like a permanent construction site, but it houses everything you'll ever need to get a rip-roaring party started – fantastic luxury hotels, sleek new meeting facilities, nightlife to suit all tastes and proclivities, plus shopping like there's no tomorrow.


Add breathtaking temples, glittering folklore and fabulous food and you have a surefire recipe for success even before you venture beyond the capital to beaches, resorts and islands that can justifiably claim to be the most fun-packed in Asia with watersports, golf and shopping aplenty.


Upcountry, you can ride elephants, go rafting and trekking and mountain bike-riding. You can enjoy remote tribal visits, dances and cuisine. You can explore the Golden Triangle or cruise the giant Mekong River where Thailand meets Burma, Laos and China. Or go off the beaten track on a sophisticated cultural exploration of the remote Northeast or I-San, with its magnificent Khmer temples, ancient architectural sites and strange festivals. Thailand is festival crazy, celebrating everything – from its highly revered royalty to water, rice and candles – at the drop of a conical hat. Your party is almost bound to coincide with one festival or another and everyone is welcome to join in.


Thais are imbued with a festive spirit. Their motto is "sanuk", meaning fun, and their abiding philosophy is "mai pen rai" meaning never mind. So never mind if things take time, which still they can. Impatience is frowned upon. Smile and the Thais smile with you.


To give your party an extra taste of Thailand, it is easy to arrange cooking classes or demonstrations, fruit and vegetable carving sessions or visits to silk-weaving villages – the ultimate prize being a "mudmee" shawl, scarf, dress or shirt woven with gold or silver thread.


For kicks, join a Thai boxing tournament and, for solace, join a meditation session with saffron-robed Buddhist monks.


The key to a successful incentive in Thailand is joining in. Go easy, with an open mind and a spirit of fun, and you can't fail to enjoy.


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THAILAND - Joining the temptation

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This article was published on 2011/03/31